CATURE   Paper Litter Deodoriser – Floral Scent 450ml




CATURE   Paper Litter Deodoriser – FLoral Scent 450ml


* Paper pulp main material safe ingredients

* No Toxins

* Super odor absorption by fiber technology

* Inhibiting bacteria

* Continuous fragrance

* Anti-bacteria : SGS antibacterial report

* Super odor removing : SGS odor absorption report

* Wide application : suitable for all types of Cat Litter

* Long last : long lasting fragrance

* Comes in 3 scents (450ml) – Floral, Ocean, Grassy




1) It inhibits bacteria that product odorous gases and reduces odor generation from the roots

2) The unique molecular structure and anti-bacteria ingredients will actively kill odor molecules

3) It absorbs, captures and locks odor molecules to prevent the spread of odors

4) Neutralizes excreta odors by adding aroma components

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